Strange tablet problem [Plz help me.]

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  1. tzitzos

    tzitzos New Member

    I cannot close the tablet ''power off''. When i press shut down
    it just opens again automatically after 5-6 seconds. So it must be open
    all day and night long.

    I tried:

    - To press it for a while the shut down button (Problem remains.)

    - Factor reset erase all data and settings twice. (Problem remains.)

    - Empty 100% the battery until goes offline, then i charged it again
    tried to close it but .. (Problem remains.) it opens again when i put it

    Guys help me plz!

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hello and ni hao tzitzos welcome to Android Forums.

    What make and model is it? Is it a Chinese one? Sounds like you've tried everything you can. It's probably faulty, suggest you RMA it for replacement or refund.
  3. tzitzos

    tzitzos New Member

    Thanks for welcoming,

    It's the PiPo U1 model, yes chinese one.

    I didnt add any custom rom or something, i didnt changed anything...
    but it's really weird why it cant go off.
  4. tzitzos

    tzitzos New Member

    Anyone can help me ?
  5. fratello

    fratello New Member

    I think this issue it's common on Pipo's tablets ! The solution is to remove the SD-card !

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