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Strange text messages at 5 minute intervalsSupport

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  1. eg2333

    eg2333 New Member

    So I've been having this problem recently where I get these extremely strange text messages being sent to my phone. They have no sender associated with them, and just look like a bunch of gibberish. Here is a screenshot:

    So it turns out that I cannot post images or links, but hopefully one of you can look at this:


    Currently, I am getting the same message multiple times every 5 minutes. At first I just sort of ignored it, and one day I decided I would just go ahead and delete all the messages. As soon as I deleted them, they just kept on coming back at 5 minute intervals.

    I am on Sprint on the Nexus S 4G (Probably obvious from the subforum).

    My phone has also been doing other weird things lately. Sometimes when I lay it flat on a surface, it will just reboot itself constantly. I'm not sure if this is related to the text messages or not.

    Also, the messages only show up in the "Messaging" app which I don't really use. They don't show up in Google Voice at all.

    Edit: Just did a factory reset, the messages are still coming in.

  2. wes8154

    wes8154 Member

    Same thing here ...
  3. genovdot

    genovdot Well-Known Member

    Your phone is haunted! Lol. But really, that's odd. For the rebooting issue, has your nexus been banged up in any kind of way?
  4. wes8154

    wes8154 Member

    I noticed after deleting some of my text messages (almost 1400) the mysterious messages stopped... weird
  5. briantroberts

    briantroberts New Member

    I've been getting these 2 lately. The other day I found out my wife has gotten them too (She also has a Nexus S 4G). Oddly enough, we receive them at the same time.

    This can't be local to the phone if that's the case.
  6. hi-tech34

    hi-tech34 Active Member

    I just started to receive the same messages. Has anyone found out how to stop them?
  7. gowcaizer1978

    gowcaizer1978 Well-Known Member

    i started getting some of those today. i just deleted them, i didn't even want to try to reply to them. are you also on Sprint?
  8. hi-tech34

    hi-tech34 Active Member

    Yes, I am on Sprint and I did not reply to them. They did stop as of last night. I am going to delete them and see what happens.
  9. dreamer3kx

    dreamer3kx Active Member

    Was getting this a couple of days ago every 5 minutes also, was ready to call Sprint but decided to wait one day, have stopped since, think it was something weird going on on Sprints side.
  10. ducati1098

    ducati1098 New Member

    I am having the same issue with my phone. I called Sprint and it is a known issue with the phone and they can repair for $35
  11. San Antone RR

    San Antone RR Well-Known Member

    I have the same thing. I've flashed the phone and am on the Cricket network, so it's not just Sprint.
  12. diablovash

    diablovash New Member

    If it's a known issue why are they offering to repair it for $35? Thar's a rip-off to me. I've gotten it on both of my nexus 4g's today and I can live without "repairing" them since its not a huge deal.
  13. sam_p

    sam_p New Member

    I had same problem here. After dozens of same text I went to messaging setting and turned off Auto-retrieve completely. After that looks like there is no junk!!
    Please try and let me know.
  14. ChrisKris

    ChrisKris New Member

    Been getting the same problem here too. I get one about once a week, and I believe I've been getting them since the ICS update. I didn't know where it was comming from so I copied the text and replied it back. Haven't gotten one since.
  15. mrjacowley

    mrjacowley New Member

    The strange text are weather updates given out from google. The current google published update for our phones makes their weather alert texts become very jumbled and in some kind of coding. Sprint tried a whole bunch of their updates for my phone, but didn't work until the next google OTA update

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