Streak has been given a new lease of lifeGeneral

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  1. NineToTheSky

    NineToTheSky Well-Known Member

    The Streak has had an interesting life. One minute it's going to be discontinued, and the next it's going to used by the US Military, which should ensure a reasonably long life for it.

  2. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Yes, Ive readthe same article. Makes you wonder if this dept of defense study is one reason why the streak abruptly dissapeared on the U.S. scene. Will ne interesting "if" some news pertaining to the streaks return.... The "dell streak pro" is NOTHING close to the Streak 5.
  3. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Interesting article, shame they waited for the device to be discontinued before using it.
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