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  1. 2thumbs

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    Hi Guys

    I hope you can help me with this, I have the LG Optimus 2X ( wind Mobile in Canada ) running Froyo and I can not stream music using bleuthooth. My car ( Kia Forte 2010 ) has bleuthooth and it syncs with the phone ( I can use it for calls no problem ) but it will not stream music. I have also tried plugging the phone directly to the car with USB plus but it does not play music that way.

    Does anyone have a way or app to stream music to my car?


  2. 2thumbs

    2thumbs New Member

    I forgot to mention, I also tried to plug the phone directly into the car ( car has built in USB plug ) but it can not read the phone. I have plugged the wife's Iphone and my son's psp go and they work fine ( can play music over car radio )

    If any one know of a way to get the phone to play music over car radio using USB plug that is even better ( will charge phone while it plays )


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