stream online movies on android (besides sites like youtube)?

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  1. kcerica

    kcerica Active Member

    I've been trying to figure out how to watch online movies on my anDroid. Examples would be movies that are streaming on jw player or divx player, I do have divx player and rock player on my Droid but it seems like these apps only work with movies that have been downloaded to the phone and not movies from the internet. I do have flash player, I was starting to think maybe its a java thing which doesn't seem to have a android version. It just seems like there has to be a way, the phone can do everything else a regular computer can.

  2. Correct. Those can only be used with local files, not streaming.

    Android doesnt support java.

    If you are looking to stream movies, look for sites that stream to ipods, as they use the same codec than the android streaming player uses. Google it, you will find some. Otherwise, you have to find flash streaming sites, or put the movies on your card.
  3. gratt26

    gratt26 Active Member

    there are many apps that sevice your needs for streaming given that your device can cut it. my favorite is the "mspot movies" app:cool:, it works great and the video quality is exceptional. there is one more that is good but only does tv shows for free its simply called "android video" its ok and who can argue with free (you can get movies through this one but you would need to pay a $20 one time fee:eek:)
  4. WuLove

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    What android version do you have, 2.2?

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