Stream video from tablet to android phone? (VLC Server or something?)

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  1. layer8error

    layer8error New Member


    Firstly, hi! This is my first post here, so please be kind :D

    OK, I have no idea if what I want to do is possible, but here it is. I would like to be able to stream video from my Xoom tablet to my Galaxy Nexus. The reason being that I always carry my tablet with me in my backpack, and sometimes it isn't convenient (or safe!) to have it outon display. So for these occasions (bus journeys etc) I would love to be able to stream some of the content I have on my Xoom to my Nexus. I know this will totally kill the battery, but I don't really care.

    I am hoping I can do this through a combination of using my Xoom as a Wi-Fi hotspot, running VLC server on it, and joining my Nexus to the hotspot (so that IP comms can happen) and using the VLC client on the Nexus to connect to the server and receive the stream.

    I am pretty tech savvy, and am going to give this a go anyway, but I was wondering if anyone here had done something similar and either a) loved it or b) regretted it.

    Cheers, and thanks in advance for any suggestions!



  2. inairam

    inairam New Member

    I want to do something similar. I set up a live broadcast using windows media encoder across my home network to broadcast a speaker to several rooms to accommodate the number of people watching. I can view the steam on any pc connected to the network using windows media play by typing in the ip address and port number given by windows media encoder. I can not get this to work on my android Galaxy s 2
  3. chrstdvd

    chrstdvd Well-Known Member

    Use your AllShare app. Works great for streaming any media between devices but requires WIFI.
    Need more info, let me know.
  4. curtst

    curtst Active Member

    I would like some more info. I want to do the same thing except I want to stream from my S3 to my Nexus 7. I just don't see how the allshare would work. Isn't that purely for Samsung devices?
  5. biccys

    biccys Member

    Not sure if this will work on 3G but I used aVia free from the store to stream from my SGS3 to my TF101 tablet. Pretty seamless once the media library was built on both devices...

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