Streaming audio using media player.

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  1. harshapaul

    harshapaul New Member

    I am streaming android audio using the audiorecorder class. I RTP packetize it and send it to a Darwin Server on Linux. I also have created an sdp for it on the same linux machine. It works well using Quicktime Player or VLC Player. However when I try to play the same in android player it says invalid video file, cant play. Was wondering if anyone could help me over this. I have done video streaming as well which works fine using Darwin. However there is one small issue here again. When I try to play both the audio and video using a single sdp it doesnt work on qt player as well(seperately they work fine). Here is the sdp

    o=- 1208520720 2590316915 IN IP4
    t=0 0
    c=IN IP4
    m=audio 4468 RTP/AVP 96
    a=rtpmap:96 PCMU/8000
    m=video 4462 RTP/AVP 96
    a=rtpmap:96 H263-1998/90000


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