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Streaming Live Video from Galaxy S3 to TV

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  1. jgagnon8

    jgagnon8 Member

    I recently purchased a wireless dongle for my Samsung LCD TV and I am able to connect to it through allshare with my Galaxy S3 phone...
    I also recently purchased NHL Live and downloaded the app for my phone but I am not able to stream the live video feed using allshare. Is there a way I can stream the live feed from NHL Live on my Galaxy S3 to my TV?

    Any info would be great... thanks!


  2. queen1

    queen1 Member

    LCD TV not connect s3
  3. jgagnon8

    jgagnon8 Member

    Yeah actually I found the Samsung EPL-3FHU Micro USB to HDMI adapter and it works fantastic... After Samsung technical support told me it couldnt be done.. I stream anything thats on the screen of my S3 phone to my LCD TV in full HD with no problems...

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