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Streaming Media... Very Limited

  1. AmericanHero

    AmericanHero Well-Known Member

    I have been working with the ORB software getting a server up and running with live TV. It would seem that the Hero does not like very much of anything when it comes to streaming. I have been running into this a lot with several web sites. Has anyone heard of a codec pack in the works for the Android OS? Orb just rocks but is limited with the Hero. Any ideas or solutions. Thanks


  2. Grung

    Grung Active Member

    I've had a bit of luck with Orb. It doesn't seem to matter what the upstream or downstream speed is...it will often stutter. Audio and video is often outta sync. My other media has problems too which makes me think it's more of an orb problem than a codec problem. Acutally got my best stream with 3G not WiFi. I think if I had a dedicated PC coming right off the modem instead of through a router it would be a lot better. The mobile skin is pretty good and the program guide loads quick. Would be interested in any tweaks you tried that helped.


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