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Streaming Movies on DX

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  1. iittaalliiaann1

    iittaalliiaann1 Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 30, 2010
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    I have looked everywhere and searched Google. I used to use a site to stream movies to my iphone and it used to work flawlessly. It was a great site and had tons of movies in their library. I tried the site with my Droid X and every time I try to stream a movie, the video player gives me an error saying "This video is not valid for playback on this device." I would imagine that the videos are in a format that is supported on the iPhone but not on my X. Is there any way to get my X to support all files played on the player? I know there are media players out there like Rock and xyplarer but I need one to support streaming and not videos stored on my sd card. Please help. Thanks.


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