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  1. derek4484

    derek4484 Member

    Ok, so I'm trying to find an app that will stream my favorite radio station to my phone. F-Stream for the iphone works perfectly. But I cannot find an equivalent app in Android.

    The station is WCCP 104.9 in Clemson, SC. They have a live internet stream. I believe its a 20kbps WMA stream.

    The url is

    I have tried almost every app I can find in the market and none will do it. Am I the only person in the entire world that wants to listen to a WMA stream on my phone?

    Please help!!

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  2. newyorker545

    newyorker545 New Member

    I have RadioTime on my HTC EVO so I can listen to Bloomberg Radio WBBR in NYC. I searched in RadioTime and it plays the WCCP stream. It is a paid app, but for Bllomberg Radio, it was worth it for me.
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  3. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

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