Streaming video from your HTPC?

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  1. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

    If you have an HTPC (home theater pc) you can use "Orb". The Orb live app doesn't work on the Evo yet, but I can watch all my shows using the Orb website and set the stream to flash. Seems to cut out if the signal is switching between 3g and 4g (like on the road). Also, if you use your phone to initiate a torrent on your HTPC, you can't watch it until you log into your HTPC with "logmein" or something similar and click *refresh* on the orb server app. Also, doesn't stream WMC (windows media center) recordings in flash format (any fix?).

    For pictures and music, "Pogoplug" is what I use. It's a user friendly NAS (network attached storage) with a web interface. Just buy the adapter and use an old usb hard drive and you have an NAS that you can use from any internet capable device. Pogoplug android app is great! Warning: Do not use pogoplug for movies! It takes 6 hours to convert a 2 hour movie into a stream ready movie. That means once your torrent is downloaded, you can't watch it till blueray is obsolete.

    Anyone try other solutions? Homepipe? iTunes?

  2. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

  3. xdmanalo

    xdmanalo Well-Known Member

    EStrongs File Explorer + server = LAN access to data (including pictures, music, video).

    Crossing my fingers for Hamachi for Android to get remote access.
  4. Draiko

    Draiko Well-Known Member

    Orb's flash player works well in the stock browser and is a better video experience than the disappointing Orblive app.
  5. Wingzfan61

    Wingzfan61 Well-Known Member

    Um Im using OrbLive on my EVO as I type this so not sure why you'd think it doesnt work on an EVO. I use it to stream music, mkv's, avi, etc.

    As for refreshing orb, use the "restart orb" option in the tools section of orb live.

    Dont know about wmc recordings as I use Boxee

    Pogoplug is crap. Got one for free from work and sold it on craigslist for 40 bucks. The transcoding is horrible. To spend 100 bucks on a photo viewer is absurd. Just run picasa on your htpc and set your files to autosync on picasas site. Then use either the 3d gallery or picasa tool to view them. All free, all flawless.

    Homepipes music playback sucks. Not even gonna begin to explain why but use it and youll understand.

    The only thing Ive found worth a damn working with ITunes is Itunes Remote. I run my bluetooth headphones with a class 1 bluetooth dongle and use ITunes remote to control playback. Also excellent for parties.

    Other alternatives are Subsonic and GMote.

    Subsonics playback startup can take a while to begin a song and tends to hiccup while downloading it. Its a good idea but doesnt work as smooth as ORB.

    Gmote works well but not enough options.

    Overall, ORB's UI is generic and could use to be modernized but it works the best of everything out there.
  6. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

    Thanks for the informative reply! :)

    I'm switching to Picassa and then Boxee right now.

    Picassa makes too much sense over pogoplug.

    I'll try Boxee again. Last time I tried it, all I saw was internet stream channels. I didn't look very deep though.

    I'm a big fan of Gmote.
  7. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

    Nix that. Picasa* doesn't sync music or videos. I want to share a folder, not just a picture set.

    I think google excepts me to share the music, a link to the pictures, and a youtube link for the videos. Google needs a media folder sync similar to pogoplug but good.
  8. disastar

    disastar Well-Known Member

    If you use MediaPortal on your HTPC then you can use iPiMP to stream recorded TV, movies, and TV shows to your iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile phone. Check the website for more info:

    iPiMP 5.1.0 is released - MediaPortal Forum
  9. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

    Anyone try Medal Portal? Worth the switch from orb? Free?
  10. disastar

    disastar Well-Known Member

    I use MediaPortal for my HTPC and I love everything about it, BUT I don't stream to my phone so I cannot speak about that.
  11. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

    Remote potato 1.0 is like orb but allows seek, pause, etc.. Beautiful web ui too. And no need to index because it uses Windows 7 share folders.

    Remote media for android allows setting up recordings on epg, and viewing recordings without having to index first. Seek is the kicker though. Anyone who regularly uses orb knows that it's frusterating having to restart everytime you get a phone call or lose 4G

    I've just graduated past orb!

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