Streaming video from your HTPC?

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  1. tjennhw

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    If you have an HTPC (home theater pc) you can use "Orb". The Orb live app doesn't work on the Evo yet, but I can watch all my shows using the Orb mobile website and set the stream to flash. Seems to cut out if the signal is switching between 3g and 4g (like on the road). Also, if you use your phone to initiate a torrent on your HTPC, you can't watch it until you log into your HTPC with "logmein" or something similar and click *refresh* on the orb server app. Also, doesn't stream WMC (windows media center) recordings in flash format (any know how to fix?).

    For pictures and music, "Pogoplug" is what I use. It's a user friendly NAS (network attached storage) with a web interface. Just buy the adapter and use an old usb hard drive and you have an NAS that you can use from any internet capable device. Pogoplug android app is great! Warning: Do not use pogoplug for movies! It takes 6 hours to convert a 2 hour movie into a stream-ready-movie. That means once your torrent is downloaded, you can't watch it till blueray is obsolete.

    Anyone try other solutions? Homepipe? iTunes?

  2. yes it does. I have an Evo and use that app just fine.

    Orb just uses the codecs that are on your computer. So if its not streaming a certain file, it means that codec is not properly installed on your computer.
  3. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member


    Maybe I can fix both problems with codec fix. Any suggestions on a codec fix?
  4. uninstall any codec packs you may have, then reinstall just one.
  5. tjennhw

    tjennhw Active Member

    Uninstalled all codecs I could find and installed latest KazaaLite codec pack. Problem runs deep. I'll try running orb in a new virtual desktop on my htpc.

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