Streaming Windows Media Player to Droid X

  1. Merlin2000

    Merlin2000 Active Member

    Within Windows Media Player 12 (Win 7 x64), I have checked "Stream > Automatically allow devices to play my media"

    Unfortunately, when I open up Media Share on the Droid X, and continue to the music folder, it doesn't show anything - instead it lists "no files found"

    Open Media Share -> Computer -> Play -> Next -> Next (DLNA) -> Next (allow remote playback stuff) -> Next (confirming we're connected to the same network) -> Then I go tot he All Music folder, and the Droid X says "No files to display"

  2. Merlin2000

    Merlin2000 Active Member

    No replies at all?? If anyone knows another place to check for this info, I'm all ears. I've done some research online and can't find much info.
  3. Have you turned off the firewall on your pc?
  4. Merlin2000

    Merlin2000 Active Member

    I just have the standard Win 7 firewall on. It's set to notify me when something is blocked.

    I turned it off and tried again, no change though.

    Can anyone else confirm that they can successfully stream music from Windows Media Player 12 onto their Droid X?
  5. Merlin2000

    Merlin2000 Active Member

    C'mon guys!!! How come nobody has posted info on how to stream WMP onto the Droid X?
  6. AlexNC

    AlexNC Well-Known Member

    I have been trying to get this to work with my Incredible too. No luck though.
  7. SharonW

    SharonW Well-Known Member

    Maybe this will help y'all. I do notice that it says it doesn't work on all DLNA devices, but it may be worth reading through.

    DROID X - DLNA Application
  8. My understanding, and it is limited, is that we need to wait for Flash Player at the end of September.??????????

  9. flash player is already out for some phones.

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