Strong AN4 - Android 4.0 Set Top Box

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  1. eskyguy

    eskyguy New Member

    Hey guys,

    Purchased this little guy to replace an older set top box that wasn't working too well after a few months. It runs Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich so it's got flash support and because it has a tuner in it I can watch TV as well. Has wifi inbuilt too so you can browse the internet - it's basically a tablet on your TV.

    So far I am very happy with it... I even got a wireless keyboard and mouse working with it which makes it a lot easier to use 'cause it gets pretty old with just the remote and playing games on it is a lot better that way, too. Haven't tried using a PS3 controller yet but my friend says he got it working. If all else fails I've got a Nexus 7 to use as a remote instead anyway via an app like tablet remote.

    I was a little worried about it not doing HD video but it even does that well too so I've no qualms with it's performance; it records the high def stuff from free-to-air to a USB or external hard drive and you can play it back with a video player app as well.

    Has anyone else got this and can you recommend any good apps for it? I struggle to think of any that I don't have already on my tablet but surely there must be some cool stuff to put on the TV?


  2. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer

    Worked with one of these devices when they were still in development phase (and not branded as Strong).... No bad words for this...

    If I'm correct, it's Telechips Cortex A5, TCC8925 chipset, can't remember the name of manufacturer.
  3. eskyguy

    eskyguy New Member

    Not sure about the guts of it but it is a good machine. Have a Boxee Box that I used to play movies through on USB but now I just use the AN4 on the main TV and my Boxee on an older set.. haven't struggled with any file playback yet.

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