strong tech s80 a10 cortex a8

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  1. r10fret

    r10fret New Member

    Any one have any info on this box?

    Is it the same as any others?

    Strong s80
    Allwinner A10/1GHZ Cortex-A8
    GPU: MALI 400 320MHZ
    factory loaded with model softwinerevb,
    android 4.04,
    kernel 3.0.8

    On the Strong tech . co site they have some firmware downloads in their support section but all instructions pdfs are in Chinese.

    Upgrade tool zip is phoenix card exe and they have a new img available from 10/7/12

    Will post more once I test.

  2. Jwadle22

    Jwadle22 New Member

    I actually just got this... Ate you having any issues with the av out... Hdmi looks fine, av out is horrible.. I actually got it for the av out, so wanted to see if you we're having similar issues before I send it back
  3. r10fret

    r10fret New Member

    Mine finally arrived a few days ago, still figuring it out, wifi is hit and miss, using Ethernet cable instead, av out is as good as expected for analog but also use an hdmi to s-video if you want a little better, don't like that it doesn't do both av and hdmi at the same time. Added apex launcher from google play app store to get a better desktop feel. They have a new s80 firmware on 113012 but still no instructions in English on loading procedure on box, I understand the phoenixcard part but when I but the SD card in s80 and power on it blinks blue and doesnt take the update. I removed the bottom of the box in each corner and opened it up, has a port on the board worthing finding out more about. Forgot to mention my biggest beef, audio quality through avout port.

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