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  1. dutchydouble

    dutchydouble Member

    Bit of a rant - Does any of the guys (possibly women ;)) have any issues when on call with phone and stubble seems to stick to the phone?

    Seems to be caught on the sides of the screen in the little groove between the screen and phone. I tend to have a bit of stubble so its really annoying. I have a case but don't use it as it makes phone look like any other phone and not as cool as the X10.

    Just shave I guess :( :(

  2. aderuk

    aderuk Active Member

    I get the same thing with the sideburns thing is im losing my hair as it is dont need the x10 to speed up the process:)
  3. huntleth

    huntleth Well-Known Member

    Haha yes I had this exact problem the other day. I tend to always have stubble, but very short, but if i don't shave every 2 days it gets just long enough to get caught in the location you described. Very painful!
  4. biker74

    biker74 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Brilliant, yep, me too. Had a couple of eye watering moments.
  5. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Yep obviously those from Sweden and Japan dont have stubble or side'ies Im guessing as that is where SE are based and all tech comes from Japan.

    What I do like though is that around the time my stubble is long enough to get caught in the phone I'm thinking "scruffy fecker go have a shave".

    So does this go to prove that the X10 is really a "SMART" phone and scruffy, un-shaven, beardy, hippy types are not looking "SMART" enough to use it? :D
  6. Loch

    Loch Well-Known Member

    There's an app for that?

    (Sorry...had to :D )
  7. powerkiter

    powerkiter Well-Known Member

    Where's that double face palm picture?

    That's iphone dude! This is Android! :p
  8. dutchydouble

    dutchydouble Member

    its cos we aren't interested in appearin to look polished - substance over style!

    if only there was a phone related analogy to use...
  9. Hunted

    Hunted Well-Known Member

    lol that futurama episode is so funny
  10. werthers

    werthers Well-Known Member

    I've got a case for mine so it covers up the tiny gaps :D

    It's a bit like this one but I got mine for cheaper from a mobile phone shop

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