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  1. flo28rin

    flo28rin Member

    I knew this day would come. I've been messing with my phone so much, I'm surprised it didn't happen earlier. The problem is that I'm stuck at the boot screen. I think there was at least one or two more images until the phone would've started.

    What I've tried to do was this: Guide To Deodex Stock Rom ~ Galaxy Y Gaming Club . However, my phone told me it didn't have enough space so I revers the rm and cp commands. Then I rebooted it and it was stuck.

    I tried installing some rom through updating zip in recovery mode (i also installed clockwork mod in the meantime). I also created a backup with clockwork mod, and replaced the files i had (yes, i backed up the folders app and framework), but clockwork gave me an error it had a different sum. I also tried to modify a .zip update (to force the files on my system folders) for the microsd card (such as the root update), but I'm not really sure how to make that work. I also tried Odin, but it froze and gave me that troubleshooting/close error.

    I'm out of ideas. Maybe I've done something wrong in trying the things above. Maybe there's something else? Perhaps somewhere I could download any backup of the stock rom of galaxy gio.

    Thanks to whomever might be able to help me.

  2. flo28rin

    flo28rin Member

    now my phone has this weird icon with a computer, a mobile and a wire between them with an orange triangle. i finally managed to get odin started, but i was just wondering how much it takes? i don't want to wait for hours only to find out nothing is happening.

    Edit: got the phone in download mode and now it's progressing.
  3. flo28rin

    flo28rin Member

    it works :). thanks to those who read these posts and thought good thoughts about me and my phone. and lemme know if you end up in a similar situation. i'll try too put up a tutorial with all the things that worked.
  4. vinoe99

    vinoe99 New Member

    im exactly in the same situation.......... im a beginner so i need your help.My galaxy gio is stuck at the bootup :confused:

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