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  1. lamborg

    lamborg New Member

    I was on 4.0.3 and I flashed the zip through AromRa recovery. Had not installed SU, bootloader was unlocked and S-on.
    Now, when booting up, its stuck at the 4G screen.
    The update was the OTA update released to update radios to Global. THIS

    Locked the bootloader and flashed the RUU 4.03.605.2
    Here's what comes in cmd:
    <bootloader>adopting sig ....
    <bootloader>checking sig
    failed <remote: not allowed>

    After rebooting, it gets stuck on the white HTC screen.

    Any help please?

  2. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    That is a really bad one to use if you linked it properly (you linked the 4.3.605.1 update)... use this one and verify the MD5 sum on your SD card. I haven't heard of anyone locked (or S-off) have any issues installing it if the file MD5 is correct, the filename is right, and the location is right.

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