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Stuck at twrp

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  1. chrisk

    chrisk Member


    Could I grab a little help please?

    I've followed all hash-codes steps on the xda forum, with the exception of placing the;



    I left them downloading whilst getting on with the other steps. Assuming I could do them once the rest had been completed (as the files were slow to download)

    My Kindle boots into the twrp- console after flashing up the yellow, then blue logos (although won't boot into the original O/S now) my question is how do I get the two files back over to it so I can flash to the CM O/S? When I user adb I get;

    ./adb devicesList of devices attached
    ???????????? no permissions

    (I've restarted adb server a few times..)

    And any attemped copy over to the device as in adb push results in no permissions on the device.

    Kinda stuck, can someone please help :/


  2. PRallday168

    PRallday168 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried going to Mount/Mount USB Storage in twrp ?
  3. chrisk

    chrisk Member


    I did try that, but it didn't make any difference. I managed to get around this by copying over the files (./adb push * /sdcard/) during the brief period I had rights over the kindle O/S before it booted up fully.

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