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  1. iaiftw

    iaiftw New Member

    So, I just recently rooted my Vortex and went on a preloaded app killing spree. I did some research and what I had found seemed to indicate it was okay to remove the 'LG Home" app from the phone. I had Titanium Backup installed and removed the app. I noticed shortly after that my Home hard key stopped working. I decided to reboot the phone in an attempt to reinstall the app from the backup I made prior to uninstalling it. Now, my phone is stuck at "Verizon Wireless" when I attempt to boot my phone, even after pulling the battery. Does anyone know what I can do to get around this?

  2. thatguy188

    thatguy188 Well-Known Member

    My wife is about to kill me as she has the Vortex and I did the same thing ... stuck on VZW Screen. Looking for recovery files in the AM though.

    Any suggestions by you Vortex people? :D
  3. Tekpedia

    Tekpedia Member

    I just had the same issue, I put up a post in 'All things root' I think its titled: Broke the endless Verizon Loop.

    Anyway the way I got this resolved was to use the rollback to 2.2 proceedure. I hope this helps.

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