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  1. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    my phone got suddenly stuck in boot loop.. dunno why.. i9003 btw..

    can anyone help me? please? i dont wanna pay to samsung again

  2. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    it's keeps on rebooting with the galaxy s logo
  3. brehn

    brehn New Member

    I'm having the same issues after updating to GINGERBREAD.JPKPE from the original addition, after pressing the power button to restart the phone and get out of the loop, the phone goes to the set-up wizard (select locale, etc....) also, all contacts are lost and only those remaining in the SIM card remains....SMS messages are also deleted...

    I have the same phone, Galaxy SL 19003....
  4. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    what i did was i reflashed it to its stock rom.. and then back to gingerbread.
  5. brehn

    brehn New Member

    do you mind giving me a step-by-step on how to do this? I am completely at a loss right now...:(
  6. saywhatt

    saywhatt Well-Known Member

    it's on google :D depending on what firmware you want.. but you can use Odin which is the simpliest way to flash a new firmware
  7. abdo2009

    abdo2009 Member

    Dear all i have the same problem <<< the only solution is to change the motherboard >>> this problem we alllllll have is due to internal memory corruption , this is found in all GT-I9003 devices and all customers have the same problem it is a manufacturing problem os SAMSUNG not ours ,,,, i have recorded this video of the problem i hope you will see it to see if this is the same problem you have ,, here is the link
    " Internal SD card Unexpectedly removed " i9003, Samsung Logo - YouTube

    this is my post you can see it too

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