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Stuck in Boot loopSupport

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  1. HalfAnAndroid

    HalfAnAndroid Well-Known Member

    My phone is unrooted, it has been rooted before, and I am stuck in a boot loop, after the boot animation, the screen goes grey, and then goes back to the boot animation. Am currently flashing the Froyo sbf, and I will inform if it works.

  2. HalfAnAndroid

    HalfAnAndroid Well-Known Member

    No, Froyo sbf failed. Just grey screen after animation. After about a minute it goes back to the animation. Please help...

  3. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Hmmm, that's odd. You didn't disconnect USB too early (I think I did this once using RSD Lite)? Should let it reboot for itself before disconnecting.

    Other than that, try another Froyo just to check? :confused:

    Using latest RSD Lite?
  4. HalfAnAndroid

    HalfAnAndroid Well-Known Member

    Yes, latest RSD lite. I didn't disconnect too early either. Will try again tomorrow.

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