Stuck in boot-up screen.

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  1. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    My Droid Eris is stuck on the boot up screen [droids skating].
    I googled the problem and every one else with the same problem says that they just installed a rom or something.
    I haven't installed anything recently on my phone.
    My battery had been low, so when I hit the power button to view my phone, I was presented with the boot-up screen.
    Thinking it had died, I plugged it in and left it only to find that it would not load past the same screen.

    I have taken the battery out and replaced it multiple times to no avail.

    I would really appreciate some help, but I don't want to end up having to wipe my phone. [Although I heard that wiping the phone only deletes any apps and doesn't wipe out any photos, contacts, etc, which is what I don't want to lose]

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Just to clarify, have you left it plugged in for several hours to charge the battery without trying to power it on, and it still comes up only to skating Androids?
  3. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Yes I left it plugged in over night without touching it, when I woke up it still won't turn on correctly.
  4. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    I found that some one said rooting their phone fixed the problem, so I am trying to do that [Feel free to move this to the rooting forum if need be].

    I am following this tutorial, except when he says to scroll down and click the HPUSB option, I don't have that.
    How To: Root the HTC Droid Eris (Unrevoked Method) - TheUnlockrTheUnlockr

    In fact, I can't bring up my phone on my computer at all.
    [I think my phone is automatically on charge only :/ My computer identifies it, I just can't bring up the device itself]
    Is there a method of rooting where I can use my SD card?
  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    That's good, because the unRevoked method is not a good method for the eris.

    I'd try wiping data with the stock Recovery, doing a hard reset. The instructions are here: Hard Reset HTC Droid Eris

    If you are still ready to root the phone, post back and I will show you the two best methods.
  6. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Will a hard reset delete absolutely everything, like photos and contacts?
    If not I will do that, but completely wiping my phone is my last resort.

    I would like to root if I can to avoid wiping everything, but as I said I don't think I will be able to since I can't open my phone on my computer.

    Actually, scratch that. I'm dumb. It only deletes phone storage and not SD storage, right? lol
  7. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Photos are stored on your SD card, and a hard reset does not erase anything on the SD card.

    There are two sorts of contacts on the Eris - Google contacts and Phone contacts. Google contacts are synced with your Google account and will resync after a hard reset. Phone contacts, however, are stored only on the phone and will be lost after a hard reset.

    If you see your contacts on a PC browser at they will sync with the phone after you set up your Google account on the phone.
  8. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Okay I will just do a hard reset then and hope it works.
    I already know I can retrieve my contacts from my google account, I've had to do that before.
  9. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Hard reset didn't help so I would like to try rooting again :/
  10. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Ok, that's too bad. It would have been easier to root with a working phone.

    Let's start with this: can you tell me the HBOOT version number? When you start the phone from power down while holding VolDn, it starts in HBOOT, and the version is in the second line. It should be either 1.46.0000, 1.47.0000, or 1.49.0000.

    By the way, power down the phone ASAP after finding this out. HBOOT drains the battery pretty quickly.
  11. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Hboot 1.49.0000
  12. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

  13. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Sorry, big weekend. My kid is graduating and we're loaded with family...
  14. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    I understand, but help asap would be nice, or some one else who can help me. I would just like to know if I can fix my phone by rooting as soon as possible so I can get a new one if not.

    [Sorry not trying to sound rude.. >.<]
  15. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Ok, I think that the instructions for going forward are here: Announcement: Do You have a Soft-Bricked Eris? - xda-developers

    I'm going to quote it:

    If you have any questions about this, ask away. It looks daunting, as there are a lot of drudge-looking steps, but it's better to ask first than get stuck in the middle.

    As listed early in those steps, make sure that the battery is well-charged.
  16. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Wow that is all kind of confusing to me..

    But first off, I am already having a problem.
    I was collecting the files listed and when I try to open custom recovery, I just get "unspecified error"
  17. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    You don't have to open that file - just download it.

    You can directly download it from here:

    That link will download the file called "recovery-RA-eris-v1.6.2-trackball-optional.img". Save it in your downloads folder (or you can create a custom folder to store all of those files.)
  18. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    I'm having trouble finding a working download for fastboot
  19. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Ugh. It used to be a lot easier to find....

    This site has both a download link and instructions for setting up adb and fastboot from the Android SDK here:

    How To: Install ADB and Fastboot on your Windows computer for use with your Android phone | dotTech

    The download link is

    You can follow the directions yourself, but basically save that zip file to your hard disk at c:\. Unzipping that file will automatically create a c:\android folder with adb and fastboot.
  20. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    Okay I think I got them installed..
    Now how do I get my phone working with fastboot?

    [Sorry I'm needing more details >.< This is all new to me.]
  21. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    First of all, I assume that you have Windows. If you are Mac or Linux, speak out.

    - You need the HTC driver for the Eris installed first. If you have ever connected the PC to the Eris, it's already there. If not, you need to install this driver: DROID ERIS by HTC - Verizon - Support for HTC Cell Phones

    - Usually, you need to set the phone's software to enable USB debugging. You obviously cannot do that, so I think that the next steps are:

    - cable the phone to the PC

    - start the phone in HBOOT by holding VolDn while you start the phone

    - As it will say on the display, press the Send (green call key) to start Fastboot

    - If things are cabled right, you should see, in red, FASTBOOT USB. That's probably a good enough sign. However, you can then:

    - start a command prompt on your PC (Start->Run->Cmd <Enter>)

    - type this command in the command window: cd \android and hit enter

    - type the command fastboot devices and hit enter

    If things are well, it should return with a code starting with HTCetc, where etc is a series of letters are numbers (and then the word "fastboot").
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  22. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    So far so good. :)
    Now to install the
  23. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Yes, and you have a choice with this. The instruction above is to rename that file to the name (that's letter p letter b zero zero letter i letter m letter g period letter z letter i letter p), copy that file to your SD card, and then restart the phone in HBOOT.

    However, you may have a problem: how do you get that file to your SD card without a booting phone? You can do it if you have an external SD card reader (so, take the SD out of your phone, put it in the reader, copy the file over, remove the SD card drive safely from the computer, put the SD card back in the phone, and - whew! - restart the phone in HBOOT.

    Luckily, there is another way, and it's in that thread that I linked to above.

    xda-developers - View Single Post - Announcement: Do You have a Soft-Bricked Eris?

    So, to condense those instructions down a bit,

    - copy that file into your c:\android folder (where the "fastboot.exe" file is located)

    - do what I listed a couple of posts above (start->run->cmd, then cd\android - you may as well leave this open, if it is not already)

    - then do those three fastboot commands in bold above (make sure that they are typed exactly.)

    Let's see if that gives you the 1.51.0000 S-ON HBOOT....
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  24. kloroformkandi

    kloroformkandi Active Member

    It says Locked so I believe it worked. :D
    Next step?

    Also, since we are doing this step by step, I have been powering down my phone so the battery stays charged.
    Do I need to be starting from the very first step in doing so?
  25. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Next step is to unlock the bootloader. You need to start here: Welcome to HTCdev

    Click on "Register" at the top to create an account. If that does not log you in, then login with your user id and password at the top and go to this page: HTCdev - Unlock Bootloader

    Choose "Droid Eris" from the drop-down, then the button "Begin Unlock Bootloader".

    Say yes at the silly popup and then check the two boxes at the next screen of the popup and "Proceed to unlock instructions".

    Ignore the first page - click the button at the bottom "Proceed to Step 1".

    Do steps 1-4 on the next page. Click "Proceed to Step 5".

    Step 5 through 7 you have already done. Go to that command prompt window that you opened before and make sure that it is still in c:\android. Click "Proceed to Step 8" at the bottom.

    Follow whatever instructions that come next. You are now at a step beyond where I have been. ;)

    Let me/us know if you have any problems.

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