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Stuck in bootloop. Recovery mode not working

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  1. newbaby4ever

    newbaby4ever New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have been researching and googling all over the place and couldn't find my solution. Here is my problem with the slide:

    -When turned on by pressing power button, it vibrates 5 times and went black.
    -Holding power +vol down +home to go into Hboot. I went to recovery and stuck at the HTC mytouch screen.
    -I also lost the original SD card. But i have others laying around

    Here is what i tried:
    - Put ESPRIMG.zip on sd card, clockwordmod renamed to Update.zip on sd card. Boot to Hboot and udpate. Same error.

    Other methods do not apply since i can't even go to the home screen to enable usb debugging, download rom manager and etc....

    Please help!!!

  2. devildog78965

    devildog78965 Member

    OK can you try to get into fastboot and reflash cwm and try to restore reinstall your ROM of choice but I recommend you use cyogen mod 7.2 that's what I use on my my touch that is retired

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