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  1. jeff g ives

    jeff g ives Member

    Hi all got a problem tf101 worked fine this morning got home after work started it up and its stuck in bootup mode the round circle just keeps spinning, have done all the hard re boots. Cant even turn it off .......however it will turn off if ptess and hold the power button and the volume up at the same time ......and still no boot up :(

  2. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Hold the power button for 30seconds. Should eventually shut off and boot up.
  3. jeff g ives

    jeff g ives Member

    hi... done all that it just keep getting stuck in boot uo mode.
    however now that i have let the unit run completely flat of battery its now working again ....fingers cross it keeps working . it was a pain waiting for about 9 hours for this to run flat lol :)
  4. Zingmaster

    Zingmaster Active Member

    THere is already a thread all about your problem here. I suggest reading it and trying some of these ideas...
    Other thread
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