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Stuck in CM-based Recovery

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  1. cbaker007

    cbaker007 New Member

    I had rooted my phone with the directions here. Everything was fine. I got a new phone and gave this one to my daughter. Something happened and I did not know it but she "factory reset" it. Now it boots to the custom recovery with:

    CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.7
    E:Bad boot message
    "recovery "

    (notice extra space, that is there in the quotes)

    In any case, I have tried to download from the internet stock roms, re-format mounts (system data cache), clear this cache and that, and have even followed some links about "exitrecovery.zip" (those installs end up aborting with a Status 0). NO MATTER WHAT I DO, WHEN I REBOOT IT GOES BACK TO THIS CUSTOM RECOVERY MODE.

    Does anyone monitor this forum that can help?

  2. cbaker007

    cbaker007 New Member

    For those having similiar problems, I figured I would post this for those who are stuck booting into the clockworks CWM-based Recovery.

    I finally figured out a solution with the help of the chat room at androidarea51.com. This link applies to the optimus slider too:


    I did not follow this directly. I wanted to go back to a stock rom, not the ARQ1.4 rom. So I downloaded the recv8z.ip file in the original post (had to register on the site). I also found a stock VM701_stock rom (a zip file). I put both onto the phone's micro sd card. Then I booted into the clockworks recovery (which it was stuck boot loop in). I went into the mount menu and formated the /boot, /system, /data and then from the main menu did a factory reset, and then in the advanced menu did the clear Dav??? whatever place (I don't know why, just did because so many other places said too when flashing). Then from the main menu, I flashed the VM701_stock. After that finished, I flashed the recv8.zip file. THEN I SHUTDOWN, TOOK OUT BATTERY, PUT BATTERY IN, POWERED ON! Then a new thing, a copy happened, it reboot, and after a minute or so HURRAY, the obnoxious VM tune, and finally into the stock VM desktop.

    My mom says, THANK YOU (giving this phone to her)!

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