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  1. ChrisH76

    ChrisH76 Member

    Hello All

    Was listening to Soundcloud on my headphones last night, unplugged the headphones then continued to listen noramlly to Soundcloud. Stopped Soundcloud and soon as I done this the phone went into Headphoine mode!

    Have tried putting the headphones back in and fiddling witht he connection, no joy!
    Have tried a hard reset, no joy!
    Have tried uninstall/reinstall of Soundcloud, no joy!

    Can anyone help as I now cant listen to music or make/receive calls without my headphones.

    Oddly enough text and email notifications still ring out normally.

    Running on UK network 3, unrooted.


  2. Paul25

    Paul25 Well-Known Member Contributor

    A temporary method is to download the sound about app from the play store mate. the other thing is backup apps delete all do a reset then add apps back one by one, Nine times out of ten it is software related.
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  3. ChrisH76

    ChrisH76 Member

    This works mate, thank you. How temporary a fix is it though as the headphones icon is still being dispalyed at the top of screen?
    I'm loathed to go down the backup/delete route as it's taken me ages to get my phone exatly how I want it.
    Thanks again
  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    since you used actual headphones, this could be a physical issue with the headphone port. some users of earlier htc evo series models had some issues with the physical port.

    continuing to reinsert a jack into the headphone port may cause further damage.

    i would suggest a factory reset as well, then before loading up any software, just test out the device and see if the factory reset cured it.
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  5. ChrisH76

    ChrisH76 Member

    A factory reset will put my phone back to out the box wont it? Lose all my settings, launcher set up, contacts, apps etc. Is that correct?

    I'm currently using my headphones to listeen to souncloud and in conjunction with its widget it's simply a matter of turning the widget on or off to switch between headphones and boomsound. Given that I never thought I'd hear bomsound again I'm pretty happy with this workaround.

    Appreciate the comments though.

  6. Paul25

    Paul25 Well-Known Member Contributor

    temporary as in the icon will remain . More of a work round. You could look for apps that you installed recently if you have not had the problem before.But i am convinced it is software now that works for you.
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  7. I had the exact same problem and I tries virtually everything without success. Ended up doing a search and found out that if you download an app called "HF button widget (alpha)" it allows you to toggle the headset on and off. Left it in the "off" position and it keeps my phone from remaining in headphone mode when the headphones are removed and the icon even disappears. Hope it helps I know I thought i was screwed when the problem started
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  8. Daratax

    Daratax New Member

    Thank you! Been looking everywhere to get my Xperia's speakers working and this is the only thing that has worked.
  9. rottonj

    rottonj Well-Known Member

    If the problem is indeed the jack for the headphones you could use a Bluetooth pair. I have many sets of headphones and listen to music a lot so this is something in the back of my mind that will fail over time. Just an option if you cant resolve it. good luck
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