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  1. Irish Vortex

    Irish Vortex New Member

    I booted my G1 with the back button held down to check whether it is a 32A or 32B. Now I'm stuck in the info screen with red, green, blue stripes and none of the buttons I have tried will exit the screen.

  2. Irish Vortex

    Irish Vortex New Member

    Tired of waiting for an answer and needed to use my phone. Removed battery and the phone rebooted just fine.
  3. SkyDX

    SkyDX New Member

    Just press Call, End Call and MENU at the same time.
  4. dtii

    dtii New Member

    thanks.. that was good information
  5. kushvision

    kushvision New Member

    I just discovered that when your G1 get stuck on the Rainbow Reboot screen all you need to do is:

    1) Pull battery out so phone turns off; then put battery back in
    2) When phone is off; you need to Press and Hold down the "Power" (red) & "Home" keys at the same time so it takes you to the reboot screen.
    3) This will take you to the the warning Icon
    4) Press and Hold down the Power and Home keys again and before selecting the reboot option

    6) then Select reboot option
    7) This should power up by taking you to the G1 loading screen first, instead of the straight to rainbow screen.

    Now instead of going to the rainbow screen like it kept on doing, the phone should just powers up. The first time the phone kept on getting stuck on the rainbow screen, I had to wipe the whole phone then and do the steps above but this way I didn't loose any of my info or apps!

    This worked for me so I hope it does the same for you!

  6. TejanaGloria

    TejanaGloria New Member

    i am doing that now, let's see if, that works
  7. TejanaGloria

    TejanaGloria New Member

    now, it has a blank screen, power is going through
    nothing on lighted screen

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