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  1. maddfay

    maddfay Member

    Very VERY interesting. Mine boot looped once, my husbands got stuck in a boot loop no matter what he did so they replaced it at the store (now he wants a Razr coz he thinks we shouldn't have this bad of a glitch, I dunno). Didn't try booting without the back though....

    But since we all know the back houses part of the antenna-- and I saw in another thread that its some kind of glitch where the phone is trying to authenticate to the network when it's booting (and when it fails, it boots again thus causing the loops)... Might be something wrong with the antenna/housing? This is one where I can't really tell if its more software or hardware related... Probably software though... It could even be a glitch with the software/device trying to communicate through that part of the antenna on the cover and fails... In the other thread the guy said they've reported (vzw) it to htc and its some batch of phones that got corrupt versions of software. I don't know how true that is being that I read it from another's post but thought I'd share what I found.

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  2. thatsricci

    thatsricci Member

    Yes I saw and responded on that other post as well... Will keep everything updated if I find any solutions..

    But ever since my bootloop fix stated above, I've had no problems again and at least have a way to deal with it and keep the phone fully operational for now!
  3. thatsricci

    thatsricci Member

    So far it doesn't seem to be any of the apps... and may be directly related to setting the phone to cdma only mode and long-rebooting... fastboot doesn't seem to have a problem.
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  4. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    My rezound went into a reboot loop today but a factory reset worked so far. It started when I tried to open handcent up . I just hope this doesent become a trend.
  5. soccermom17540

    soccermom17540 Well-Known Member

    I turned off fastboot (I forget why - a recommendation . . . ) so I'll have to turn it back on. Mine has only happened with long-rebooting. I still think I will exchange it as soon as I get close to a store.
  6. esn

    esn Well-Known Member

    I called tech support tonight and asked if I can return mine they said as long as it is working no! They said it has to happen a few more times before they will exchange.
  7. maddfay

    maddfay Member

    I don't think it's cdma only and long reboot--- mainly because there have been people in this and other forums (I am also over on xda) that have had it for one day or less, without changing the lte to off or unchecking fastboot and still had the problem. When it happened to my husband's, he didn't have fastboot unchecked either... and later we unchecked em... after he got his replaced. I'm actually really starting to believe the guy that got the info about it having to do with failing to connect to the network triggering a reboot which then happens endlessly. It's the only thing that has been consistent, since many have had all sorts of settings on or off etc. even stock with no apps installed and it still happened. Especially since people noticed how it would boot with the back off. I hope they fix the issue. It hasn't happened to mine again since the one time that it did... and I have fastboot unchecked.
  8. maddfay

    maddfay Member

    Hmm If you're really uncomfortable with the device you can always call and explain to them again how you feel. You'll have a different person... They exchanged my husband's first time it happened (but we never got his to load back up, either).
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  9. mynus

    mynus Member

    Yesterday my battery completely drained and may have also affected my network presence (I never changed my phone to cdma only or unchecked FastBoot). I went into a loop and would not stop until I took the back off my phone and took out my sd card. once I put my sd card back, it stopped looping as long as my back cover was off.

    I ended up putting the cover on, turning the phone off and charging overnight. This morning it "SEEMS" to work fine, but my mobile network was set to cdma only so I couldn't get any messages or calls. Once I changed it to LTE/CDMA then everything went back to normal. We'll see what happens. . . . . .
  10. thatsricci

    thatsricci Member

    CDMA only should still get you calls/messages....
  11. aznkp

    aznkp Member

    just wanted to give you all a confirmation based on my rezound reboots issues. this is my 3rd time rebooting so there might have been a conflict with an app i installed


    i rebooted my phone after installing every app, 13 reboots, 13 diff apps. now i install ebay. reboot. reboot reboot reboot cycle has begun. time to factory reset...4th time...sigh

    does anyone have the official ebay app without reboot issues??
  12. soccermom17540

    soccermom17540 Well-Known Member

    I'm using the official ebay app without issues.

    My first reboot loop happened when my phone got stuck downloading a balck friday app . . . I pulled the battery and then the loop started.

    My second reboot loop happened when I put in the extended life battery.
  13. thatsricci

    thatsricci Member

    You don't have to factory reset. Just take the battery cover off and boot, and remove whatever app you think is causing the problem.
  14. mgdking

    mgdking Member

    So has anyone contacted HTC about this problem we all are having? Its only happened to me once back on the 14th of Nov. I have done many app installs. I even had my battery run completely dead and the phone shut off all by its self. Put it on the charger for about 15min. Took it off the charger started the phone up and had no problems. I set my phone to cdma only from day one because I dont have 4G service where I live yet and after I went thru my bootloop and had hard reset its been on lte/cdma ever since. In fact I actually forgot about setting it back to cdma only. So I guess I cant say yes or no to that being the problem? I sure do wish we would hear a confirmed answer from HTC what the problem is because even tho I'm not having a problem with it anymore other then the one time (knock on wood) I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should exchange it for a different one.
  15. aznkp

    aznkp Member

    hmm must be a combination of apps then. damn wish i could use the ebay app to keep track of my stuff >_<

    this didnt work for me, it still continuously reboots....
  16. pasorj

    pasorj Member

    "hmm must be a combination of apps then. damn wish i could use the ebay app to keep track of my stuff >_<"

    I had my phone get stuck in reboot loop with ZERO apps loaded on it. This happened twice. I did factory reset and put nothing else on the phone, not even an SD card. I do not *think* it is an app issue.
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  17. pasorj

    pasorj Member

    So far I am happy to report that I have not had any issues with my replacment phone!
  18. wsettle

    wsettle Well-Known Member

    I had my first bowl of boot loops today (sounds like a cereal I know) and am now convinced that by not allowing the phone to connect to the internet and updating the network settings will stop the cycle. It looks like there are two ways to do his. Pull the SIM card or leave the back off since the antenna is part of the back.

    Mine rebooted several times in a row while I played with the above mentioned options. I left the cover off and it stopped rebooting. Turned it off, put the back on and the cycle continued every time I tried this.

    Then I pulled the battery, pulled the sim, put the battery and cover back on and it booted right up to the main screen. I then updated my network mode to LTE/CDMA exited out then went back in and changed it back to CDMA only" like I normally have it and I was back in business.

    Later, I manually restarted it when fast boot was disabled and it hasn't rebooted on it's own since.

    Also, I am not worried about this at all. I am willing to bet it's not a hardware issue and it will end up being a firmware fix or more than likely a fix to a piece of bloat ware that verizon put on it. I'm not very impressed with their selection of preinstalled apps except the "my verizon"app.

    One thing I will note is that my screen response got very sluggish/laggy for the hour before this started. Because of the lag, I rebooted it then the loop cycle started up.
  19. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    Got a new battery today. When I turned the phone on it went into the reboot loop. I am unable to even do a factory reset. I think the phone is bricked. Anyone have any suggestions? I am going to head to a VZW store soon, but wondered if anyone had any suggestions.
  20. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    Well. I was able to get the phone working again. I pulled the sim and put the stock battery back in. Everything seems OK. I am wondering if the reboot loop started because the new battery probably had very little charge to it (new HTC standard battery from Verizon). I am going to email HTC right now to see if they are working on a fix for this. I doubt I will hear anything. My Incredible never had one issue.
  21. BlueBiker

    BlueBiker Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you're doing this. Suggest you mention any details you can remember of how to reproduce the problem in the Rezound support forum. I've had a couple of glitches, but luckily no repeating reboot problems so far.
  22. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    We should try to compile some info to see if there is a trend, or common theme as to why this is happening. I am very happy with this phone and don't want to get rid of it because of this issue.

    Wondering if it has to do with the Low Battery/Fastboot checked combo. Anyone else have the reboot cycle start when your phone was in this state?
  23. soccermom17540

    soccermom17540 Well-Known Member

    It has happened twice to me. Only thing that was the same for both was that I was in 3G with wi-fi on. If I remember correctly, I had fastboot OFF both times. Both times I was in high performance power mode.

    Phone put into service 11/15/11

    1. Thanksgiving (11/24): Plugged into charger. Trying to download an app and market got stuck. Flipped off the back and pulled the standard battery. Put battery back in and replaced cover. Boot loop started.

    2. 11/27: Powered phone off. Put in extended battery (first time use - not fully charged). Powered on and immediately went in to boot loop.

    Both times the only way I could get out was to wait until the loop started again (before white HTC screen) and do a factory reset. First time it seemed to help to reformat my sd card - didn't do that the second time and it was fine.

    A VZW rep told me not to put up with it and take it in (I had called about a different subject and mentioned the issue) - I just haven't gotten close to a store to exchange it but am still planning on it. I am sticking with the Rezound though - I love it.
  24. ToyotaTacoma

    ToyotaTacoma Well-Known Member

    This was the response from HTC. I basically asked if there was a way to prevent it from happening and if they were working on a fix to solve the issue. I expected this kind of response, but hope they are working on a solution to remedy this.

    Thank you for contacting HTC Technical support about the trouble you are having with your HTC Rezound device. I do apologize that you have this issue with your device and I will gladly assist you with this today. At this time we do not have any information about this issue on the device and there is not a way you can prevent this from happening as we have not looked into this issue yet. We do not have any information about any updates being worked on to help resolve this. If your device does this again then you may want to contact your carrier for possible repair or replacement of your device to help resolve this issue with your device.
  25. fastharryDOTcom

    fastharryDOTcom Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of getting the rezound to use it for EBAY...Are you saying the app doesn't work?...and if it does, can you get the completed sales on it?

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