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  1. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    This afternoon, while scanning the forums. I had my Incredible charging off the AC adapter. and in airplane mode for shits and giggles. After doing some research on the ATK killers. I decided to uninstall mine and just allow the phone to manage itself.

    After the phone was finished with the uninstall I gave it a quick reboot just to allow the core apps to come back up. and upon doing so, I found myself in an endless reboot cycle. I would get the HTC " quietly brilliant " screen, followed by two verizon wireless screens and then loop back to the HTC screen. I let it loop about 10 times before pulling the battey to stop it.

    It's rather odd. After pulling the battery and disconnecting it from the charger, I let it sit for a few minutes, replaced the battery and attempted the restart again. Once again I found myself in the same loop. After 5-6 loops i was finally brought to the OS and everything loaded as normal.

    Anyone have opinions on what may have caused this?

    1. Uninstall of ATK
    2. Rebooting while on charge
    3. Airplane mode + charge + reset=boom
    4. Because I touch myself at night

    I am going to try to replicate it and will report back with results.

  2. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    I think it was the uninstall of ATK. IIRC you are supposed to restore settings inside of atk before uninstalling it. ( I believe it modifies some of the boot up. ) I would imagine each loop the OS was hitting a problem, then fixing it and rebooting, only to hit a new problem...until it finally got everything back into shape.

    Course...all of that could be wrong, and I was just thinking of a different app:)
  3. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    Do me a favor if you have your phone and chargers handy, plug your charger up and shut down the phone, let it sit for a minute or two and boot it back up.

    For me this is causing the loop. While the charger is plugged in if I reboot the phone it throws me into the loop. While off the charger it boots as normal. What do?

    Interested to see if its just me with a shit phone or if everyone can reproduce similar results
  4. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    I'm actually trying to monitor battery usage, so can't plug it in atm. ( and at the rate this thing is going...it'll be quite awhile. )
  5. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    Thats cool man, Maybe someone else will come across this thread and test it out for me.

    May I ask what your monitoring entails?
  6. CatsTide

    CatsTide Well-Known Member

    i say 4
  7. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    Going to see exactly how long it takes to kill the battery ( to the point it shuts off. ) Watching what apps etc use what percentages of power, awake time, up time, and various settings like Sync, Enable Always-on Mobile Data, Live Wallpaper or not, etc.

  8. Saeten

    Saeten Well-Known Member

  9. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    That's something I could definitely get on board with. Other than this slight hiccup today, I've rather enjoyed the incredible thus far. I've tried different methods of battery life ( changing to CMDA only, airplane mode charge, ATK etc) About the main drain that I'm seeing is cell standby. Which is to be expected I suppose as I live in an area that has poor service. time out of service usually hoovers around 15-30%
  10. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

  11. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    What kind of battery life are you getting ( Ignoring the indicator, going from full to phone shuts itself off. )? There was someone else getting like 6 hours of usage, mostly idling and I was wondering if the poor signal he is getting is the cause. ( What usage are the cell and phone idles compared to android system for you? )
  12. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    I've yet to let the phone die completely. And today is the farthest I've let the battery die down before charging it, it was approximately 20% ( had just turned orange ) and had been up for over 20 hours. These numbers are vague so I apologize, but the droid system usage was low, only around 10% as the phone had been mostly idling unless i recieved a text or phone call. while phone idle and signal usage were at or above 30%

    I am a firm believer in battery conditioning. Working in IT, It was always beat into my brain while dealing with laptop batteries to allow them to charge fully upon first start, disconnect and allow them to drop to 90% recharge to full, drop to 80% recharge, and so on. With the phone i haven't been quite so critical, but the first two charges were done at approximately 70-80% respectively and today I was actually going to let it kill the battery before charging it, but i chickened out and started charging it. Thus leading to my discovery of endless boot loops while on charge.

    I hope someone comes across this and wouldn't mind rebooting their phone while its on charge for me. and after my phone completes its charge cycle this go, i will let it run untill death for the purpose of contributing to the post you linked me earlier.
  13. Mine just booted fine while plugged to the USB on my lappy.
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  14. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    @BetterMost Would you mind attempting to plug it into the AC adapter and testing that as well for me?

    @zemerick Would you happen to have AIM? I'd like to discuss this more without cluttering the forums.
  15. zemerick

    zemerick Well-Known Member

    No I don't. I detest AOL, but I also don't have any IMs at all:) Closest I have is Google Wave and Vent.
  16. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    I sent you a PM
  17. Hack.Me

    Hack.Me Member

    Anyone at all, Mind plugging their incredible into the AC jack and restarting their phone? Maybe 2-3 times? Would like to know if it's just me or not.
  18. polyphemus39

    polyphemus39 New Member

    Ah, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Mine too is acting weird if i turn it off then back on while it is connected to external power.

    If I restart it with the SD card in and power connected: the phone will take a long time to boot up, but when it finally does the SD card has been corrupted.

    If I restart it with the SD card NOT in and power connected: the phone will enter an endless reboot and i have to pull the power and battery.

    It's completely reproducible, happens every time. (and yes, i have tried a factory reset already) I would call Verizon and send the phone back in, but i otherwise like my incredible and would miss it :( I just try now to remember to not turn it off while plugged in.
  19. digitaldev

    digitaldev Member

    I have the same problem. Looks like its more than a shit phone issue however I dont know of a way to fix it other than returning the phone. I'm on my second phone already as my first one wasnt being recognized when you pluged it into a PC to transfer files.
  20. snarky7

    snarky7 New Member

    help. forums noob here. My Incredible is usually just that, incredible, but today, I attempted to download the update for GOOD for Enterprise, and the phone basically got stuck in download for EVER! At almost 8 hours later, I've moved past the "it won't download past 30%" to a persistent reboot issue. I turn it on, it boots up, gets to the main screen, and shuts down before I can do anything, boots up, main screen, shut down, again and again!

    While it was still working some, I did try to Cancel Download, and believed that I successfully completed that task, only to shut down, and bring it back, to see the download in process again. I tried pulling the battery, and doing a "reset" with the power button hold. All to no avail.

    Until 5 minutes ago, when it seems my phone is now booting, with an update message? And everything is wiped out? Contacts, messages, not pictures (thanks SD card). Apps are fried. Everything is giving a force close message when I attempt to open it.

    I'm perturbed to say the least. Anyone else experiencing this? Any suggestions to get my stuff back?
  21. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    that issue is semi common if the phone doesn't shut down properly, you will just have to uninstall and reinstall the apps that are giving you problems. There is no way to get messages back unless you backed them up to your sd card. Your contacts should be synced to google or verizon's backup assistant.

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