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  1. kevtje94

    kevtje94 Member


    I've recently bought a samsung galaxy ace plus and i rooted it...
    Now, today a message popped up wich said that i could update the firmware and i pressed yes :s

    Now every time i want to restart my phone, it gets stuck in te CWM-based recovery (v5.0.2.8).

    What should i do?


  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    General advice is never accept an OTA update once rooted. They are not designed for rooted phones, and almost always cause problems.

    I've moved the thread to the Ace Plus ATR forum, where someone should be able to advise you.

    Good luck
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    One general thought: have you taken a backup from recovery (a "nandroid" backup)? If you have, restoring that from recovery should get your phone going again, though it will also reset your apps and data back to the point where you took the backup. If you want to try something more radical, try an "advanced restore" and just restore system (or system and boot) but leave data (where your apps and data live) alone. That might get you going without losing data.

    If you are in recovery you can certainly fix the phone. The question is how, and whether it can be done without data loss. Flashing a new ROM will do it, but I don't know ROMs for this phone and you usually have to wipe the phone before flashing (i.e. data loss), unless there is a rooted stock ROM (very similar to the original), in which case just flashing without a wipe might work. Often just a factory reset (wipe) will do it, but that's where there is an incompatibility between ROM and data, which won't help if the update has corrupted the ROM, so no promises that will help here.

    How up to date are your data/app backups?
  4. kevtje94

    kevtje94 Member

    I have my phone just a week, so I didn't make any backups :s
    I woulnd't mind if I lost data because I didn't have much... I also tried the 'wipe data/factory reset'-function, but that didn't help :p

    But I didn't do the 'advanced restore'... How do you do that? (i can't find it)
  5. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    The advanced restore won't help unless you've made a backup first.

    The principle is that if you make a backup from recovery it's actually a set of separate backup images (for boot, system, data,...). Normally when you restore it restores the lot, but the last ClockWorkMod I used had an "advanced" option under the backup/restore menu that let you restore just part of the backup. No help now, but maybe one day it will be useful to know.

    OK, so you have wiped data, so nothing more to lose there. Factory reset doesn't help, so I guess that the update must have corrupted the ROM (or the boot image, but as root is a mod to the ROM my money is on the ROM). So my next guess is to flash a new ROM. Unfortunately there don't seem to be many ROMs for the ace plus, and I don't know this device at all so am a bit cautious about advising here.

    There is one thread in this forum where a member says he has a custom ROM for this device (post 4): I cannot vouch for it and the member in question has not been active here since that post. A google search for "ace plus rom" did turn up some other ROMs from XDA. I'd read the thread to make sure they work before trying one - be especially wary when people say they've written a ROM but don't have an ace plus to test it on.

    The other option would be to see whether you can use Odin to return the phone to stock. I don't know whether you can run Odin in this state (I don't have a Samsung, so "I know you can use Odin to return a phone to stock" is the sum total of what I know here!).

    As nobody else is chipping in so far, I may see whether I can recruit some expertise.
  6. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi kevtje. :hello:

    Were you able to get this fixed?

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