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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bonkedy, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Bonkedy

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    Sep 22, 2012
    Hello everyone, A month or 2 ago I was on BAMF Cubed s-off and everything running smooth. Then one day, my sd card stopped working, i thought the sdcard might of just failed but I swapped sdcards and still same thing. Then a week after that I was in boot loop (htc white screen and nothing else). So after that I attempted to flash back to an unbloated stock rom, and in the middle of the flash my phone like died. I'm not 100% sure why as it was plugged in and I had full battery life, but it died. Now I am stuck in RUU mode, I have tried flashing full ruus through fastboot but to no avail, the only ruu that even attempts to work is the PG05IMG_Mecha_2.11.605.5 and it works for a little while then when it tries to unzip and flush [RUU]WP,mdm9k,0.
    It gets a <status read failed (too many links)> error. Any advice would be much appreciated as I have had to fall back to my envy 3 and am desperately missing my smart phone.


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    Hey Bonkedy, welcome to AF! I moved your thread into the All Things Root section, you should get more knowledgeable assistance in here. Thanks for signing up! :)
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    you can try running the .exe RUUs,but generally speaking if your phone hangs at any one partition while flashing its a bad sign,and even worse when it hangs at one of the radios.

    ive never know a device to be recovered from a situation where mdm94 or radio fails to flash :(

    to get yourself out of ruu mode,you can simply fastboot reboot-bootloader, but unfortunately i do not think there is much hope :(

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