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  1. adam3143

    adam3143 New Member

    Today my Fascinate froze up while I was on the home screen. After displaying a black screen for about 10 seconds it came back to life looking normal other than a small window in the bottom left corner of the screen saying "safe mode".

    I tried turning it off and then back on but it was still in safe mode. I then tried pulling the battery and then restarting it...didn't help either. I've searched through tons of google results about the problem but never found any help (other than people saying to pull the battery for about 10 seconds). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

  3. adam3143

    adam3143 New Member

    Thanks for the link. Sadly, it just says to shut the phone off and turn it back on, which isn't taking it out of safe mode for me. I've been messing with it all night and I'm starting to think I'm just gonna have to leave it in safe mode and hope it magically goes away just like it magically appeared lol
  4. madjpey

    madjpey Well-Known Member

    My phone has gone into 'safe mode' just at random a number of times. I end up needing to do *228 to get it to go away

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