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  1. Lefty790420

    Lefty790420 Active Member

    I have an m835 rooted and rom'd(mate5). My wife dropped hers in a cup of coffee, dried it out and now it is stuck in safe mode. I've done a battery pull to no avail. If I rice it for a day or two, will it boot up normally, or stay in safe mode until I restore a nandroid? We have alot of apps on the sd card, they show up in manage applications, but not in the app drawer. Nandroid backup is two months old and it will likely require alot of work to get it up to date. Also, nandroid was made before prl updated, will I need to update that again after I restore said nandroid? Thanks to all responders.

  2. TBTE

    TBTE Well-Known Member

    Rice should fix it, unless the coffee had Sugar in it, in which case i would say to either get a new phone or restore the nandroid and see how it goes.

    Sorry i can't help you much i don't usually do this kind of stuff ;_;
  3. Lefty790420

    Lefty790420 Active Member

    Update: restored nandroid, did not fix the problem. I made sure we riced the phone for two days, while powering on my wife smacked the phone a few times to unstick the buttons. Surprisingly, it worked. Now I know, it doesn't need to be restored, it just needs to be dried out and I need to make sure the buttons don't stick, internally as well as physically. Hope this helps someone in the future.

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