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Stuck in Safe Mode?Support

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  1. BMWalz

    BMWalz Member

    My Nexus S 4G from Sprint is stuck in safe mode. I have tried everything I found on google to try and get it out. Pulled the battery, held down/up the volume button on restart. Nothing is working.

    Does anyone know a sure way to get it out of safe mode?


  2. BMWalz

    BMWalz Member

    Any ideas? Factory reset didn't work either.
  3. extacyeyz

    extacyeyz New Member

    same issue
  4. niceguytourist

    niceguytourist New Member

    I had the same problem with my arc s. Fixed it after finding my volume button was stuck, once it was released phone was fixed. Check all your buttons to make sure they are not sticking.

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