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  1. marst

    marst Member

    (Fascinate w/2.2 Froyo) I'm new to smartphones and new to Android and have encountered a problem with the Fascinate's sound made when there's a new text message. I made a notification ringtone selection not long after getting the phone, then changed to a different one. But the first one is what comes through the speaker when a text message arrives -- no matter what selection appears in Settings > Sound Settings > Notification Ringtone.

    What do I need to do to "unstick" the unwanted ringtone and select a different one?

  2. dtmorgwsu

    dtmorgwsu Member

    Have you tried going into Messaging-Settings-NotificationSettings-Select ringtone?
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  3. marst

    marst Member

    Geez. I'm such a newbie. I hadn't tried that -- and it works. I assumed the ringtone selection in the main settings menu covered it and didn't even notice the one you've just pointed out. Thanks.

    (If it weren't for users, there'd be no user error! :)
  4. lilaccrew

    lilaccrew New Member

    OMG!!!!! Thank you SO MUCH! This was bugging me for months! And nothing on the T-Mobile forums. I love you:D

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