stuck on boot logo screen and need help to identify tablet

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  1. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    I have two of these tablets (1 for each child) and 1 has completely locked up on the boot screen with the android guy that says Android 2.3. I have tried the reset button and all combinations with power/volume buttons to no avail. There is no access to a battery compartment and I've let the battery drain and still nothing. I've read that I can reflash the Rom but I do know exactly which tablet I have so hopefully someone can help me out as I have an identical tablet that is working.

    It is an 8" capacitive touch tablet. Just tell me what to lookup and I'll post it.

    Would greatly appreciate some help and direction on how to get this tablet working again.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    More than likely the software is corrupted.

    Post all that you see in the about device option under settings, model number, kernel version, android version, build numbers, other information, etc. Occasionally that can help with identifying your tablet, although often it does not because it's generic.
  3. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    Model Number EM86_TC_BT
    Android Version 2.3.3
    Kernel Version
    Build Number EM86_TC_BT 20111120_1121

    I have microsd card standing by...
  4. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    Great news. I managed to get the firmware download from the company. What do I do now?
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Did the firmware file come with any instructions or readme files? There might be an associated programme .EXE that runs on your PC, to do the flashing. Sometimes flashing involves copying the file to the tablet and then doing some kind of recovery mode.
  6. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    There are 3 files and 1 is an EXE file. But there are no instructions

  7. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Some info about using the FWDN_V7....EXE to do flashing on the android forum. Can't post the URL directly, AF seems to be censoring it for some reason. PM me for URL.
  8. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    Thanks but that didn't exactly work for me. However, I did manage to gather the two essential programs necessary to flash the tablet. VTC driver and FWDN.

    I just needed to hold down the "volume down" button at boot up and it activated the FWDN mode. The company told me to hold "power" + "home" buttons at same time so this took hours of trial and error of just holding buttons...

    Long story short, I managed to get it working, but the resolution and colors are all screwed up. Kinda like I'm using a rom that was designed for a 9" or 10" tablet because some of the apps run off the screen and the colors are blown out (as if I only have 8-bit color). Furthermore, the touch screen sensitivity is completely opposite/backwards.

    So I'm halfway there... Need more help please! Isn't there a generic rom I can load that will automatically sense the screen size and hardware?
  9. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    I was thinking, is there a way for me to copy the rom from my "working" tablet onto the "broken" tablet using FWDN?
  10. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    Apparently they uploaded the wrong Rom. I got the correct one and everything is fine except for the camera. There is an error message about "SD card or memory not ready...???" Anybody know what this is referring to? I asked the manufacturer and they said it has to do with flashing the NAND. Here is what they replied with "... if you re-install the software but the Camera is not working ,that's because when you re-install the software,the OS will creat a file named "NAND data",you need to add it to FWDN. If you did this step,then the Camera is workable."

    So i guess i need to flash the base Rom, then create NAND and then flash that on top the base rom I jay flashed? Does that sound right? I guess this prepares the internal memory somehow so some can be allotted for use by camera and other apps?
  11. sbusisoskaykhoza

    sbusisoskaykhoza New Member

  12. nvck

    nvck New Member

    When I pressed the volume and home button it turns off on me.... what should i do know ?
  13. PC Bigboy

    PC Bigboy Well-Known Member

    I too am having problems with this same issue with my Zeepad 7.0

    Here are the rest of the specs.....

    ANDROID VERSION - 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
    FIRMWARE VERSION - v0.4rc3
    KERNEL VERSION = android9@Linux2#10 Monday Oct. 21 15:05:08 CST 2013
    BUILD NUMBER - number_n01-eng 4.2.2.JDQ39 20131024 test-keys

    Sometimes it will boot up with little trouble at all & at others, it'll remain in the ANDROID display forever

    Comes PRE-BUNDLED with some sensor app which I believed was the problem, so I disabled it, thinking that would solve the problem. It didn't (The app also looks it was developed by a private individual & NOT Google. You can tell this because it has a CHECK OUT MY OTHER FREE APPS area in the settings). Found I don't even need it as the Android OS does pretty well on its own in this department

    Zeepad's own website (ASSUMING the address is correct) - - Looks as though it was thrown together by an AMATEUR web designer with broken english (Some of the buttons INCLUDING the CONTACT US button don't even work, so there's not even a way to contact them - Not even via Twitter)

    The WORST part of all is Windows 8 CANNOT even open the executable files for the firmware OR thew USB drivers so I can't even use it to reflash it

    One more thing - Read the customer reviews on Amazon that someone got this tablet from a CHINESE seller & these sellers are selling COUNTERFEITS (I bought mine from

    Requested a shipping label from Overstock just in case this thing isn't repairable (I have a feeling it isn't :( )

    So I turn to the experts - HELP !!!

    Cheers :D

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