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Stuck on "Download is in progress"Support

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  1. MSanti98

    MSanti98 Member

    Hello,My lg Optimus elite is stuck on one screen saying "Download is in progress.Do not disconnect cable."It was not connected to anything.Here is the story,my phone is rooted with poot.I downloaded an app called rom manager and clicked on Backup Current Rom.That is when it became stuck on the "Download is in progress.Do not disconnect cable,"screen.

  2. Artine

    Artine Well-Known Member Contributor

    There is a sticky saying to not download ROM Manager for these reasons and more. I suggest reading them for the future, because your phone is more than likely bricked. Possibly for good.
  3. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

  4. MSanti98

    MSanti98 Member

    I just made an accout today so don't freak out on me about the sticky.
    As for pulling out battery,already tried it and didn't work.And what is CWM.
  5. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member


    It sounds like you don't have CWM, so your best bet is to follow the link I gave you above and see if you can get it working that way. tjsanders, who has helped people get through this before, is active on the forums here so if you PM him directly he can possibly help you save your phone.

    If you got your phone from a brick and mortar store and bought a protection plan, you can return it and get a new one. Despite what you may hear, nobody cares if your phone is rooted when you return it. In your case it wouldn't matter anyway since it's bricked. Another option is to call Virgin directly, I'd suggest finding a number to the US based customer service that I've seen floating around these forums at times. They are pretty forgiving when it comes to replacing non-functioning phones.

    Those are your best options at this point. Let this be a learning experience that not all app-store apps are safe, and it's best to do research before doing anything drastic to your phone. It's always a good idea to look around forums online to see what people who have come before have tried.
  6. MSanti98

    MSanti98 Member

    Ok the link i was given the first proved helpful as it is no longer stuck on the download in progress screen.It just started up and shut down about 5 times which got me very confused.I am letting it charge right now and will get back to you later.
  7. MSanti98

    MSanti98 Member

    My phone is fully working now,Thank you.
  8. miediev

    miediev Well-Known Member

    Take a look at that ClockWorkMod thread I linked to and download the apk installer. Once you've got the recovery installed you can take a backup and restore it directly from the phone recovery if anything goes wrong again. This forum pretty much contains the whole of development for the Elite so if you want a ROM or theme this is your first and last stop. Until we get a working CyanogenMod, Sleipnir is the most feature-rich and highly recommended ROM available.
  9. dustinwhit

    dustinwhit New Member

    @tjsanders.i need my LG optimus l9 dices.its doing the download screen to Nd my computer doesnt recognize it.pleade ley me use teamview or something so u can reset it for me.contact me on here or email me at trap2k10@live.com.

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