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stuck on ./gfree -f -b hboot-eng.img -y recovery.img

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  1. boziumtrip

    boziumtrip Member

    I have 1.17.531.2, Android 2.2.1, and the recommended chip set.
    I am stuck in the rooting process step 6 at this line:
    ./gfree -f -b hboot-eng.img -y recovery.img

    it returns this:
    ./gfree: -b: unknown option

    I have tried copy and paste, typing the commands out, and at this point I have exhausted my limited knowledge and need help. Thanks in advance.

  2. boziumtrip

    boziumtrip Member

    got it rooted!
    Was an old version of gfree. Updated to .7 and no problemo!

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