Stuck on Huawei screen!

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  1. sugarfreegun

    sugarfreegun New Member

    With my noob skills on rooting and any other electronic skill. I tried to attempt downloading Icarus 1.1 on my phone. But now it got stuck on the huawei loading screen for over 3 hours. So I took out the battery and it still gets stuck on the Huawei screen. Did I brick my phone? Or do I have a slight chance of fixing it?

    (Clockwork recovery still works, but nothing shows on my SDcard. Also my carrier is cricket if this helps?)

  2. Tokenpoke

    Tokenpoke Well-Known Member

    shows nothing on your card because you formatted it during the flash. if you have a card reader you can drop the .zip on there and flash again. remember to pick "choose zip from sd" or you will get the lock again. and don't do the partition again.
    it seems like you clicked install update from zip.
  3. nickd123

    nickd123 Member

    Hold the power button volume up and end call button and clear dalvik cache and hit format phone.
  4. sugarfreegun

    sugarfreegun New Member

    Yeah! I fix it!

    Thanks alot!!! :)

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