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Stuck on ROM boot up screen...HELP

  1. ownagemaximus

    ownagemaximus Active Member

    Ok so i just rooted and installed ROM manager and did a backup on my stock rom. I downloaded cyanogen mod 7 and rebooted to get it going, but i'm stuck on the skateboarding android dude with the cyanogen mod 7 screen and it just keeps coming up over and over. I went into recovery and tried to flash my stock rom but it says the file cannot be found when clearly it took about 5 mins to back it up it should be there. I need help

  2. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member

    ok did you wipe data and cache when you flashed cm7?
  3. ownagemaximus

    ownagemaximus Active Member

    No i did not, but I later learned that i needed to do that so i did that through clockwork recovery but same results.
  4. ownagemaximus

    ownagemaximus Active Member

    Actually I only wiped cache, should I try to wipe data?
  5. summamd

    summamd Well-Known Member

    hopefully, you did a back up before flashing, I would restore that then wipe cache/data and try again. If you didn't back up first I think theres an app floating around the forums that does a restore to stock.

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