Stuck on samsung galaxy sII logo screen

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  1. webby62

    webby62 Well-Known Member

    After installing Siyah-s3-v1.3.8a-CWM my phone will not re-boot,have tried going into CMR But it will not boot into recovery,i made a backup but unable to get there at all,the screen does not flash on and off it just stays with the white samsung logo HELPPPPPPPP:(
    Im on the [ROM][04/07][JKay][JB Ani] DiLiDroiD ICS XWLPF 4.0.3 R3

  2. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I'm afraid you have flashed a Kernel for the GS3.

    If you can get into upload (VOL-UP+HOME+POWER) or download mode (VOL-DOWN+HOME+POWER) you can correct your mistake.

    More likely is upload mode will be impossible, but you may still have a chance to get it in download mode.

    If not, try a USB jig.

    If this fails then you're stuffed. It will have to be a JTag service, or a Samsung service centre call.
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  3. webby62

    webby62 Well-Known Member

    Hi Hawker had to take the bat out then plugged into com for odin then got into download mode ,managed to reflash stock rom,and back to recovery and restored with yellow triangle (trivial) phew lesson learnt there:eek:

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