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  1. swipermusic

    swipermusic Active Member

    Help me please I was installing 1 click lag fix and am now stuck on yellow triangle saying downloading do not turn off target, been like it for ages, what do I do?

  2. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    The following worked for me but can't guarantee it'll work for you.

    I had the yellow triangle with Lag fix, I eventually plucked up the courage to remove the battery. Sat there for 5 miutes wondering whether a) I'd brick my phone and b) If not whether I'd wipe everything off of it.

    In the end, neither or at least for me. The reason I had the yellow triangle was because I booted up holding the Vol Down, Home and Power button all at the same time, when it's meant to be the Volume Up button.

    As I say, please use at your own risk. I was surprised that the Downloading message doesn't time out with no source available for the downloading. Perhaps someone will come on here and detail a less harsh way of getting out of the yellow digging triangle screen involving holding down combination buttons?
  3. swipermusic

    swipermusic Active Member

    Thank you have now done that but the phone wasnt rooted like it said it was.
    Dont know if its something to do with vodafone not letting you root (have heard someone else say that!) Am just plucking up the courage to try again but battery is dead flat now. Will let you know x
  4. swipermusic

    swipermusic Active Member

    Well have finished now (took three attempts!)
    Thanks for your help, just rebooting.
  5. swipermusic

    swipermusic Active Member

    All going good - NO LAG yay!!
    Thought I would try to update via Kies having been unable to before. The lag fix guide says just uninstall the lag fix and the update should remove the root, so off I went, no luck, it stills says version JF3 this version cannot be updated.
    Shall I remove the root as well and try again or just give up and stay of JF3 as I have no lag now?

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