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Stuck text notificationsSupport

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  1. Sir Patchy

    Sir Patchy New Member

    Hello I am having a problem, I got a text message from 776836 (yahoo) and it is in my notification bar and when i try to look at it i get an error message stating invalid address, also it is not in my messages or my contact history for me to see/delete it is driving me crazy.

    I have done a a restart, restart taking out the battery, uplinking my phone to straight talk, calling straight talk....no results I dont want to do a factory reset.. any ideas??

    I have screenshots but it wont let me upload them

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Get on Straight Talk's Facebook page and ask for help. That's where their best techs are. (But I suspect it's a Yahoo problem - they're "fixing" something again.)

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