Stuck with unknown pattern lock and no power button

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  1. Snapdragonabs

    Snapdragonabs New Member

    Hello everyone this is my first post, so I am pretty much a noob. I do know abit more than the layman as far as android phones go but that is all. I just bought a mt3gs with a pattern lock on it that is unknown, and a non functional power button. I really need help just getting past this pattern screen. I cannot hard reset without the power button, at least i dont know how, I reput the software os from the tmobile website hoping that would wipe it but it did not. Is there anything I can do? I have downloaded sdk thinking there has to be something I can do with it, but have never used it before. Please if anyone has any suggestions it would really help me out.

  2. Snapdragonabs

    Snapdragonabs New Member

    I got it figured out. I actually opened the damn thing up, removed the broken power switch and arched the leads on the circuit board with a bobby pin.

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