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stuckon LG Screen & cant getout...PLEASE HELP :)Support

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  1. Stevieink

    Stevieink New Member

    Im stuck on LG screen with a circle like its loading & says "Download is in progress"...well needless 2 say its been 5 hours & its still loading...i cant get in2 do anything...i had a titamium backup that saved me a coupledays ago but im still a noob & hit the "boot into recovery"(i think) in Rom toolbox & cant get out...ANY help would b GREATLY appreciated...was trying 2 put cynagonmod on it & presto...just wanted a new rom but STILL have no idea how :(....lil help would b great...thanks...STEVIEINK

  2. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Did you install the CWM? If so, boot into recovery and do a restore. To boot into recovery, remove the battery, and then put it back in. Then follow the procedure in post #4 of this thread: http://androidforums.com/m-plus-all...orkmod-recovery-lg-optimus-m.html#post4453623 'Course, that's dependent on whether or not you installed CWM.
  3. Stevieink

    Stevieink New Member

    unfortunately no...i didnt...i had a titamium backup & thought that was sufficient...i obviously was mistaken...but i thought i had seen it in rom toolbox at some point...but mistaken again i guess...everytime i try 2 boot into recovery it dosent give me anything except getting stuck on the metro pcs screen now...maybe im doing it wrong?!? im holding vol down, power & home at the same time...but when i hold both vol up & down, power & home it does the "downloading is in progress..do not disconnect cable"...im at a loss...& thanks for the quick response..much appreciated :)
  4. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    Re-read that post I linked to. You can't hold home until the 4 buttons on the bottom light up. You only hold vol down and power until lights light, then hold home. If you do that and don't have CWM install, you will get the default android recovery; that is it will make the phone like factory fresh. You should then have a like new phone and should be able to start all over.
  5. Stevieink

    Stevieink New Member

    Im trying that but Im still not getting anything except it loading 2 the metro screen then freezing...IDK...thank you 4 the help...i really appreciate it...

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