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  1. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    When it comes to Android, I'm so new my simcard needs a diaper. Anyway, here are a bunch of items I need help with. In order to keep this forum active here they are:

    1. Does S beam need to be turned on for NFC to work?
    2. Is anyone having problems with their case blocking NFC signal?

    1. Is it better to load an app for Hotmail and Yahoo or is it better to just setup their accounts through the email setup feature?
    2. Is it better to setup Gmail to check Hotmail and Yahoo accts. so we only have a Gmail icon, or is it better to have those various accounts/icons installed separately on the phone?

    1. Why is the internal storage referred to as SD card and the external Microsd card referred to as ext SD? Its confusing.
    2. I can't seem to load any programs onto my microSD card. They all load to internal memory and none seem to be movable.
    3. Is anyone running the app App 2 SD on their Relay? If so, are there any apps you had problems with after moving to MicroSD?

    With the just announced merger of T-Mobile and MetroPCS, what changes can we expect? I imagine we all just signed 2 year contracts to get this device. Can we expect more 4G coverage that works for our Relay?

    I'm sure there will be additions to this list, but its what's on my mind right now.

  2. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

  3. t_galownia

    t_galownia Member

    Did you ever get your answers Joe? Here or elsewhere?
  4. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    I've found a few of the answers, here and other sites, such as those about NFC. The email questions really depend upon users experience but so far no one has commented.

    It is amazing that there are so few sites and forums dealing with the Samsung Relay T699.

    I compared my phone to my cousins Iphone5. He is a diehard apple fan, but after seeing the features side by side, he is heading to Samsung!

    I'd really like to hear if anyone is using the app App 2 SD. Are you?
  5. misteropinion

    misteropinion New Member

    I haven't used Apps2SD since my G1 (where it was essential due to the tiny on-board space). There's plenty of space in the phone, I have I think 114 apps right now and no need to move them off to SD. I use the SD for media mostly, and backups. Backups are key.
  6. RazoE

    RazoE Well-Known Member

    I like not having apps on the sd card as I usually got nothing but trouble. Such as not being able to use widgets and sometimes the app would disappear completely when rebooting and require reinstalling. 5gigs of app space is quite plenty to be honest.
  7. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    Which backup program are you using?
  8. RazoE

    RazoE Well-Known Member

    Titanium backup
  9. Joe_PDA

    Joe_PDA Well-Known Member

    Oh so you are rooted? I didn't plan to asI don't have the time or Android knowledge to constantly monitor my device for what's working and what needs to be tweaked. I just need the main functions to work when called upon.

    Can anyone recommend a good backup program for non rooted devices?
  10. RazoE

    RazoE Well-Known Member

    Honestly it's incredibly easy to root this device. You download Odin, and the drivers then you put your phone in download mode, use Odin to install clockworkmod, then you reboot into recovery, flash superuser and that's it.

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