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  1. torquey

    torquey Active Member

    OK, I've gone through and

    I am using the GB 2.9.1 Flashtool. I was able to get through the 2.3 install, downgrade, root, and upgrade. Once I do, flashtool does not see the phone. I've tried turning it on while connected, connecting to usb, then turning on, etc. If I tell it to flash, it will see the phone in flash mode, but I can't get xrecovery on, and the generic 2.3 is killing me.

    I have repeated the downgrade, root, upgrade routine at least three times. I even reflashed the 2.3 generic again and rerooted and set the whole thing up again. What am I missing?

  2. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Downgrade....root....then push xRecovery...then upgrade....or you should be able to install xRecovery after too.

    When you open the does show that your phone is rooted when you plug it in?

    Does it say: Android version : 2.3.3 / kernel version : 2.6.29 and doesn't say "Android version : 2.3.3 / kernel version : uname: permission denied

    Make sure you have USB Debugging still on and Unknown Sources checked after rooting.

    Can you get the buttons at the top of the Flashtool screen light up? Or are the still greyed out?

    At what step do you get to in the process? Are you able to click the button to push xRecovery? Does it install and you just can't open xRecovery?
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  3. torquey

    torquey Active Member

    Thanks. While downgraded, the xrecovery button is disabled. Check root permission is available, but doesn't work since the OS won't run so I can grant SU permission. Once I upgrade, flash tool doesn't see my phone at all unless I go into flash mode. It doesn't show any errors, it just doesn't acknowledge the phone is connected. SEUS sees it, and if I tell flash tool I'm going to flash, it sees the phone once I connect in flash mode.
    I did check the development settings were still correct, too.

    Thanks again.
  4. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    You don't need to do anything on the phone when you click the root button.

    So, after you downgrade...and remove phone battery. Hold back button and pop back in battery....then at some point, you will be able to click the Root button (or go under Advanced and force root)

    Just look what it does within the flashtool. Copy and paste your steps from the flashtool to this thread.

    Then once the flashtool shows that it attempted to launch a rooting script, remove the battery....prep the phone to be upgraded, chose to will prompt to plug in hold the back button and pop back in the battery and it will flash a couple files to do with the kernel.

    Turn off the phone when it's done (or pop the battery) and it should turn on and be rooted.
  5. torquey

    torquey Active Member

    Yes, all that works fine , and once I reboot, I've got root. The problem is, once all that is complete, if I connect the phone to the computer, flashtool doesn't see it, so I can't install xrecovery so I can backup or get a ROM on the phone. It doesn't seem to matter if I boot the phone, then connect, or connect while it's off and let it boot - flashtool just doesn't see the phone. If I click flash, and select a file, it will prompt me to connect in flash mode, and if I do, it sees the phone - but not outside of the flash function.

    Thanks again.
    P.S. Damn, just found this sitting here waiting to be submitted.

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