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stupid screen

  1. Harley4g

    Harley4g New Member

    I dropped my vibrant in water. Dried it with rice and it worked perfect for weeks. But now it has started to mess up. Everything works fine until my screen blacks out. Once the screen locks or times out it stays black until I take battery out and reboot. Gets very aggravating. phone still works and gets calls even while black tho. What is my best option to fix this? Thanks

  2. Harley4g

    Harley4g New Member

  3. DrPennington

    DrPennington Well-Known Member

    Get a new phone!
  4. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    try getting a replacement battery. if that doesnt work, turn the phone off and push firmly on the 4 corners of the phone screen and once in the middle. If that doesnt work, i'd try replacng the screen and digitiser yourself

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